ENJOY this documentary of a modern day MIRACLE… GOD YOU’VE GOT MAIL!

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Have you ever been waiting for God to answer or to fulfill his word? Sometimes I know that is seemed as if God had walked away and was on the C0-C0 Beach with his  legs crossed sipping on lemonade. It was almost as if you wanted to ask the question ‘where are you?. There is a very popular song entitled, ‘he’s an on time God’. Now the song talks about how in life God may not come the second you want him but  he is always on time. I am writing to make an announcement today. God is preparing something that is going to bless your life. Have you ever been at a surprise birthday party. Oh the excitement of knowing that you were apart of an exclusive event that would bring joy into someone’s life. Knowing that the person who was being celebrated was totally oblivious to the fact that we were all standing by made every body very anxious. All we heard was ‘ok y’all, here they come’/// and at the count of three we would shout ‘Surprise”! God is not only gathering your family and friends to celebrate what he is going to do but also your enemies. He is preparing your table before them and it going to make them watch you get blessed. You have endured the test and the trials and God is getting ready to say surprise! You’ve been faithful and now is your time for reward! SURPRISE!



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LET IT BE KNOWN…..that WE understand that ALL GLORY AND HONOR belongs to God for every MIRACLE and PRAISE REPORT that we receive. So many write they their FAITH is strengthened as they read the acccounts of the lives that have been untimately changed to the glory of God the Father. Please continue sending reports of Gods doing and we will post them! Blessings to you all!

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Do you realize how serious God is about taking care of his children. We all are the creation of God but are not his children unless we accept him. Many scriptures validate this point and point us further to the reality of God’s feelings toward the wicked trying to hurt us. The scripture declares that all things for good to them that love God and are called accoring to his purpose. Yes, we have trials, tribulatios, challenges and even  heartache but God has assured us that he is out help. Dont fear what man may want to do to you because GOD IS IN CONTROL! Warfare does not deter us from believing but to the contrary increases our ability to believe. God is serious about you and I and declared that any enemy of yours is an enemy of his. And he loved dealing with them! Rest and not be weary in well doing. You belong to God and your protection is SECURE!


Prophet Brian Davis

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Ministry Appreciation

Join Prophet Davis as he celebrates with his covenant brother Bishop Robert GilChrist and wife Pastor Joyce GilChrist. They are celebrating 10 years of ministry!

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Join Prophet Davis in the community of his birthplace for his live recording. He has shared the stage with many prominent artist and leaders but now he mounts for his own.Don’t miss this! It will be epic!

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Prophet Davis returns to Jeannette PA Where miracles have taken place under then the leadership of the late Dr. Pastor Erni Torri now pastored by his lovely wife Pastor Joyce Torri!

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Men, young men gather from everywhere for Worship… The Word… REAL TALK… RELEVANT DISCUSSION… SPIRITUAL INPARTATION… AND FELLOWSHIP Host Pastor is Bishop Robert GilChrist

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Prophet Davis travels again to Barbados for the 2nd time this yea for ‘open air’ meetings in St Micheal’s Pariah where hundreds and thousands will gather…Also we will participate in feeding initiatives amongst other community events and empowerment opts!Pastor is the right reverend Beverly Ashley

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BDM on Comcast TV

Join Prophet Davis as a guest on the TV Show “Express Yourself’ with host Daisy Jones and staff. This will be aired on Comcast channel 25 on Sunday evening @ 5pm..

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Who would have thought? From the country town of Coats NC with only two stoplights to standing in the US Senate building on CAPITAL HILL God has favored Brian Davis Ministries. As a guest of a Bible Study held by the 1st African American US SENATE CHAPLAIN, Prophet Davis was asked to pray a blessing over the Senate, our country, President Obama, Congressman, staff, policemen/women, State officials, and all those that were in attendance! God You’ve Got Mail!

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